How To Wake Up Happy

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TIP #43 …


Go to sleep with a smile on your face,

with a relaxed mind

and with peace in your heart.

Don’t count sheep,

count your blessing instead!

~ from the author of

When Two Souls Are Guided Together

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I WAS ALREADY HAPPY … but being in his presence, truly makes me shine.
I WAS ALREADY WISE … but communicating with him expands my mind even wider, lifts my spirits even higher.
I WAS ALREADY SECURE … but the way he reaches out to me with comforting words, thoughtful gestures and consistent energy, stabilizes my sense of “rightness” with life just as it is.
I WAS ALREADY FREE … but with him, freedom to express myself, be true to myself and to just BE myself, is even more pleasurable.
I WAS ALREADY PROSPEROUS … but when two forward thinking visionaries come together, they can do nothing else but thrive mightily.
I WAS ALREADY LOVED … but the simple things we do with each other heightens my experience of intimacy in extraordinary ways.
I WAS ALREADY SPECIAL … but the respectful way he treats me lets me know I’m the most precious jewel in the world to him.
I WAS ALREADY WHOLE … but when our bodies are entwined or his hand is holding mine, it makes me feel even more complete.
I WAS ALREADY BLESSED … but deciding to magnify each others strengths, blesses both of us beyond description.
I WAS ALREADY HAVING GREAT FUN … but now I have someone, to go truly wild with 😉
I WAS ALREADY AT PEACE … but when we are together, it seems as if the soft essence of God is wrapping around us all and enhances my experience of life in greater degrees than I thought possible.

from the author of 500 Confessions

I Solve Problems In Fun Ways

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I ENJOY MAKING UP WITH MY MATE … I overlook the need for an apology.

Can I instead tempt you to smear freezing cold ice-cream over my body as punishment for whatever you think I’ve done wrong?
I dunno … maybe some gentle spanking might be in order too … lol.

Sexual healing has far more success than discussing issues can possibly overcome
as it takes us out of our minds and connects us to a more spiritually fulfilling place.


~ from the author of 500 Confessions

I’m Over It

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I’VE NOTICED … that when I really GET something,
I stop talking about it,
stop trying to teach others about it,
stop re-activating the opposite of it,
and just live it – completely!

I’m A Creator

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I’M A CREATOR … I don’t complain about my reality – I create it by pretending things are better than they seem to be, by imagining a brighter tomorrow, by faking it ’till I make it and by having such a strong belief in what’s possible, that it can do nothing else but become real.

I’m Aiming For Gentle Changes

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Things To Leave Behind in The New Year

… the idea that there are actually ‘toxic’ people to get rid of.
… conversations about the planet being in peril.
… trying so hard to be perfect.
… thoughts about being too fat, too thin, too insignificant, too overwhelmed, too useless.
… the belief I must have done something wrong to attract a negative situation in my life.
… the need to try and improve the way someone else dresses, speaks, thinks, looks, behaves.
… sharing bad news just to prove I’m normal.
… communicating while in a terrible mood.
… doubting my ability to contribute something useful to the world.
… fighting against a terminal diagnosis, a seemingly unchangeable situation or declaring it to be a tragedy.
… comparing my level of success to what someone else may or may not have achieved.
… pretending to be sad when someone dies.
… believing what’s being broadcast in the media.
… affirming the reasons why life isn’t the way I want it.
… the obsession to prove how right I am about it all.
… trying to get other people to agree.
… continuing to bring the past into the present.
… the notion that a particular group, a leader or the government need to be overthrown to make it a better world.
… doing something in an attempt to teach others a lesson.
… the willingness to defend, explain or apologise for anything at all.

Things To Do Instead

… notice that it’s simply my vibe that attracts certain people into my space and that I can change my attitude about them, any time I choose.
… explore more of the magnificence of this planet and see how incredibly well it adapts.
… let myself feel whatever I’m feeling without making myself or anyone else wrong.
… think more about my own positive aspects.
… allow what might seem like a negative situation, to turn naturally into a great benefit.
… genuinely compliment other people on their good points, or say nothing at all.
… share nice news, anytime I want.
… communicate while in a balanced mood, to make the best things even better.
… believe in my ability to contribute to the world, by being true to myself, my own needs, my inner desires.
… accept a medical diagnosis as it is, then let it pale into insignificance as I focus on things I really want to be, do and create instead.
… determine my level of success to be more about how fantastic I feel as I’m following my passions.
… remember that when someone dies, my connection to them still goes on, as I raise my vibration to meet their new one.
… believe in what I know to be true by how wonderful it feels when I contemplate it.
… affirm what I want and why I want it.
… decide what’s best for me and trust others to decide what’s best for them too.
… connect more often with what ‘my source’ knows to be true.
… look forward towards a brighter future.
… focus my attention on what’s already working, what’s incredibly beautiful and what is truly amazing about our world.
… have faith that other people will hear their own inner guidance as I stay silent about mine.
… stand with the knowing that I am perfect, you are perfect and we are perfect, just as we are.

I Know How You Can Get What You Need

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You don’t need to buy another book,
go to a different seminar,
get advice from an expert
or try harder at anything at all.


  • … hope for it
  • … activate it
  • … imagine the fun of it
  • … feel good about it
  • … enjoy it
  • … remember it
  • … affirm it
  • … repeat it
  • … believe it
  • … trust it
  • … know it
  • … It’s done!

~ from the author of 500 Confessions

My Intentions Are Powerful

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insanely happy, ridiculously prosperous,
delightfully free, absurdly light hearted,
expansively loving and intoxicatingly crazy …

Woo hoo!

… and to declare the other details of my life
to be completely, totally and utterly irrelevant to it all.

~ from the author of 500 Confessions

I Decide How I Want To Feel

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Whenever I decide to feel honoured, appreciated and supported … the evidence that I am, shows itself to me.

Whenever I decide to feel loved, cherished and adored … the evidence that I am, shows itself to me.

Whenever I decide to feel successful, wealthy and free … the evidence that I am, shows itself to me.

Whenever I decide to feel any way I want … life proves me to be right.

We have all been given that power.

The power to consciously choose how we want to feel and to deliberately focus our attention in that direction!

~ from the author of 500 Confessions