testimonialsSince the conception of “500 Confessions” directly on the pages of facebook, it’s received thousands of comments, requests and testimonials. Here’s just a snippet of what other people are saying …

You are an angel planting wisdom in the humans heart … Thanks! – Yármila Durand

500 Confession is a brilliant book on Universal Law and Principles that is fabulously written as it is short, to the point and funny. I have never laughed out loud so much and that is the way it must be. Spirituality is all about fun and laughter. Congratulations Elizabeth Richardson!!! YOU ROCK!!!  – Susan M. Garcia

Wonderful … so simple … really … no long complicated rules or steps … just easy to understand concepts … glorious! – Shanti Zimmermann (Life Coach)

Thanks for your confessions. You know, your confessions are going to be my affirmations. – Shaukat Charania

You articulate what it is to live a peaceful existence within ourselves here. Very profound! Keep sharing your gift. – Ley-Ann Clarke (Results Coach at Anthony Robbins Companies)

I love your confessions…..they sing ! I feel the energy of your comet essence streaking through the universe. – Jo Gillies

Every time I read you I grow spiritually … it is as if I take that one word or two and slowly I let them sink in … thanks for your sharing you intimate self with us … – Patrizia Rampone

This is indeed a Life prayer? Thanks Elizabeth! Your words are a blessing 🙂 – Sunitha Choudhry

I am here to thank you for all the wonderful things you write and with all those words you have helped me grow mentally to a better level … a level where I could not imagine myself sometimes ago … I am happy with who I am … – Hina V Chaudhary

You so eloquently capture through written word my very thoughts and feelings. Thank you for the work you do and share here … – Lucy Bordonaro

Your confessions always bring me into the vortex … I just love them so much, and I love you so much. Keep confessing … I just like the feelings of ‘high’ your confessions provide. – Zetty Zakaria

Wow. You put Abraham in understandable English!! What a blessing!! I WANT YOUR BOOK!!!! I am thinking about it rapidly but lovingly being produced and distributed and I get one of the first printings. – Joni Blumstein

Amazing again ER!!! I sometimes feel you are writing what I have been thinking and feeling. – Laurie Kendzulak

You give reality to my emotions and inner knowing. – Alethea Lobo

Tasty treats to align one’s soul to today’s true beat … one woman’s wisdom echoing millions of hearts. – Lara Ackroyd

Whenever I enter the illusion of low energy or depleted magnificence, I just read a few words, look at your photo and my energy is increased … You are a miracle worker Elizabeth. xxx much love – Carol Finlayson (Happiness Coach)

If this isn’t an answer to my prayer this morning …. Thank you. CONFESSION #281, I put on my desktop. – Judy Morgan

I’ve just finished studying your confessions. They are instilling hope, expectation, faith, optimism and above all an attitude of ‘Feeling Good’ in all situations of life. I’ve been reading books from Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and Shakti Gawain. Your confessions are the essence of their philosophies. They are molding us to love our self. – Shaukat Charania

ER please continue writing your confessions … they help all of us to move ahead in life with a positive frame of mind … they multiply joy and subtract worries! – Raushni Srivastava

These words are like a prayer. Their effect is invigorating. – Ravie Kathuria

I always look forward to reading your words. They make me, reconstruct me, shape me, rearrange me … They make me a better person! Thank you so much. I bless you with love … – Jo-Anne Mmela Nkabinde

Best Advice I’ve ever received! Thanks Elizabeth! – Di Davis

Thank you for your confessions. I chuckle and enjoy the twists and turns. I know that you are not seeking approval and this is not so much of that, as it is appreciation of your contribution 🙂 – Richard Morgan

These are profound 🙂 Thank you for offering them. In gratitude, and with many blessings. – Mary Jones

Thank you … I enjoy reading your wise words, and this really resonates with me. I use it to remind myself to keep up faith when times get difficult … – Marion Yee

Each one of them is divine seed of wisdom. – Niranjan Ashok Mallapur

I really enjoy reading your confessions! Sometimes they are just what I need to find insight. – Shawn Maskel

Elizabeth oozes Grace, Love & Freedom! She can’t help it! Get connected NOW so that you too can experience all of her Amazing, Uplifting, People Empowering Insight! ~ Carolee Dalton (Happiness Coach)

Some times I swear this woman is inside my very soul, calling forth the truth before I know it! – Shanti Zimmermann

You make such a difference in this world. Love and light! – Patrick Carney

Your writings have been inspiring and helped me through some tough times. Thank you. – Jaclyn Bain

I have been quite an emotional person till now and people fighting with me was never my arena, but it all changed with all the wonderful things you write! I know I am babbling now but its just that I am very thankful to you dear friend … keep writing and sharing your wisdom with us always … God bless YOU. – Hina V Chaudhary

Elizabeth u r a gift!! – David Chinedu Agbo

ER I read your valuable confessions daily and they are nutritious food for my soul … indeed you are a blessing for me sweetheart. – Raushni Srivastava

This makes me realize I’m off the right track with a couple of things. Thank you Elizabeth for this very timely post. I will set off in a new direction now and bring happiness to my heart, as it should be. You are a very wise lady and I appreciate you! – Paulette Collins

These 500 Confessions have been a great inspirational source for me. – Sutra Dewi Haruni

You are Poetry in Motion! I Love the freedom and Power you bring to others just by being you! – Carolee Dalton

“OMG, I worked with my meditative board of directors yesterday and cannot believe I didn’t have you in the room. You, whom I borrow daily from. Adding you to at the head of the table now! Thank you ER for always showing up in all your wisdom.” – Kimberlee Carter

You’re good for my soul! MAUH! – April Leigh

I always look forward to reading your confessions during the day. Your confessions have helped me to keep positive, strong and to stay true to myself. Thank you my dear friend! – Michelle Niese Hinshaw Steen

The world needs your confessions. – Dimple Pandey