You Are Loved

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED FOR WHO YOU ARE … without needing to change, without needing to prove you’re worthy, without needing to lose weight, give up addictions, choose the right religion, worship the one true God, subscribe to meditation, confess your sins, right your wrongs, forgive your enemies, please your parents, follow

My Philosophy

We are so worthy that the creator gave us a planet with abundant resources, unlimited fresh air and a sun that shines without fail each day. There is not one of us less valuable than another. We are each worth more than all the stars in the sky, the grains of sand on the beach

I Set Boundaries

I SET BOUNDARIES … but the boundaries I set are for my benefit, not to condemn someone elses behaviour. If I’m temporarily unable to find a persons most positive aspects when I think about them, I withdraw my attention from them completely until I can. YOU SEE I LOVE TO FEEL GOOD more than anything