Things Are Going To Change

This morning I woke up feeling off physically, mentally and emotionally, so I lay there longer in the hope that I’d feel better soon. Often just relaxing, breathing deeper and looking around to find things to be thankful for helps me bound out of bed with renewed vigour. But today, none of my regular morning rituals seemed to work.

Then I heard a new question inside my mind, “What if this is the best I’m going to feel all day?”

My response was immediate, “If this is it, I’m getting up right now and making the most of what I have!

Today Is The Day That Things Are Going To Change

  • and it’s going to be fun
  • and it’s going to be good
  • and it’s going to be light
  • and it’s going to be joyful
  • and it’s going to be easy
  • and it’s going to be liberating
  • and it’s going to be guided
  • and it’s going to be just right

Often, just taking the time to make a poster out of a new mantra like this brings me back more sustainably, to that settled, calm, happy and blissful state, right where I belong. Perhaps it will take you there too.

Love ~ ER


I might not be with my wonderful man right at this moment, but in 10 minutes I can open myself completely to remembering the deepest connection, unconditional support and Divine Joy he brings to my life.

I might not have the most streamlined body at the moment, but in 10 minutes I can list heaps of things I adore about the way it is right now.

I might not have all the luxurious assets I want just yet, but in 10 minutes I can vividly imagine how fabulous I’ll feel when each one arrives.

“In only 10 minutes my entire life can improve,
without anything else changing at all.
That’s power, that’s creation,
that’s REAL MAGIC!”

CONFESSION #507 … Book 2


If you don’t think the Universe is conspiring to assist us all, then you forgot to watch the sun come up, without anyone needing to pay for it, making a business plan to get it, setting an intention about it, consciously asking for it, praying over it or begging for it.

Nature always adapts, bodies heal, lives transform, people help each other – heck, if you smiled at someone today, in that very moment, YOU assisted the world more than you probably give yourself credit for. ~ CONFESSIONS #503

How To Change My Mood


It’s just as easy to focus on something that makes me feel good,
than on something that makes me feel bad.
It’s just as easy to praise others
as it is to criticize them.
It’s just as easy to imagine a wonderful future
as it is to remember the problems of the past.
It’s just as easy to laugh about someone who annoys me
as it is to get angry with them …

… and it feels so much better too! ~ 500 Confessions

This Month I’m Letting Go – A GAME TO PLAY

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Would you like to play “This Month I’m Letting Go” with me?

It’s a game inspired by the teachings of Abraham, to help us release the resistant vibration that’s been holding back the things we want, from coming to us easily.


1. Whether we would like more money, a house, a relationship, a health cure, a career change, or to fix a specific problem in our lives — we just LET IT GO for the rest of this month.

2. We trust that it’s in our vortex — and we simply RELEASE THE URGENCY for the condition to change right now.

3. We do our best to move away from that troublesome topic — and GIVE IT TO THE UNIVERSE TO MANAGE for the next few weeks.

4. ‎Rather than stressing about, focusing on, trying to find solutions for or strategizing about that particular thing — we decide to enjoy ourselves and BASK IN THE GOOD FEELING WE PREFER TO FEEL instead.

5. If we find ourselves thinking about that thing again — we just gently release it for now and PIVOT BACK TO A BETTER FEELING THOUGHT.

6 We also acknowledge that we are completely FREE to pick up the problem again next month if we choose to do so — OR NOT!

Want to join in?

Send a message if you’d like to play along and tell me if there’s something I can do to support you in having even more fun with this game. ~ Elizabeth Richardson (author)

P.S. It also made me think about one of my Confessions


and I gave up all struggle,
I gave up all resistance,
I gave up all complaining,
I gave up all contradictory thoughts,
I gave up all limiting beliefs,
I gave up all dis-empowering attitudes,
I gave up all need to control,
I gave up wanting other peoples approval, permission or understanding &
I gave up my incessant need to explain or justify who I am, what I’m doing & where I am at.

I NOW ALLOW … things to be easy, to go with the flow, to think well of myself and others, to only repeat beliefs that give each of us freedom to be who we choose to be, to hold attitudes that serve my expansion, to relax more, to trust my feelings to guide me, to be true to myself, to have faith that everything that occurs is leading me home, to an even grander version of love.

You Are Loved

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DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED FOR WHO YOU ARE … without needing to change, without needing to prove you’re worthy, without needing to lose weight, give up addictions, choose the right religion, worship the one true God, subscribe to meditation, confess your sins, right your wrongs, forgive your enemies, please your parents, follow the rules … without expressing gratitude, without feeling loving, without any requirements at all?

Inside your own heart is a place where total and utter unconditional love resides. You can touch it with your hand, feel it through a deeper breath, sense it in the stillness, see it as the light, taste it through a smile, call it in your darkest hour and know it as the essence of life itself.

You are never alone. Your own inner YOU is always waiting for you to remember how connected you really are.

[an excerpt from Leading A Relationship Into The Light]

Nothing Can Stop Me

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What I CAN do, is only limited by my desire to do it.
My budget, is only limited by my creativity.
My mood, is only limited by what I’m giving the most attention to.
The quality of my life, is only limited by my story about it.
The closeness of my relationship, is only limited by my attitude towards my mate.
What I can have, is only limited by what I’ll allow myself to believe.
Where I can go, is only limited by my imagination.
What is possible to make real … has no limits at all.

~ from the author of 500 Confessions

My Soul Is Calling Me

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to remember I have everything I need right now
to know that I am enough
to believe I am worth it
to trust the power of my deepest desires
to allow myself time to feel my inner guidance
to move forward when inspiration propels me there
to have faith in the love we all are at our core
to say YES to what I really want
to be true to myself
to feel my alignment with the peace inside me
to relax and float gently along with the current of pleasurable, joyful, ease and abundance.


My Philosophy

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We are so worthy that the creator gave us a planet with abundant resources, unlimited fresh air and a sun that shines without fail each day.

There is not one of us less valuable than another.

We are each worth more than all the stars in the sky, the grains of sand on the beach or the drops of water in the ocean. Without your unique soul, the world would not feel complete as the very essence of each life lived, causes the expansion of the entire universe. ~ ER

I Set Boundaries

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I SET BOUNDARIES … but the boundaries I set are for my benefit, not to condemn someone elses behaviour.

If I’m temporarily unable to find a persons most positive aspects when I think about them, I withdraw my attention from them completely until I can.

YOU SEE I LOVE TO FEEL GOOD more than anything else. I love feeling free, I love finding the best in others, I love to give love, share love, create love and make love because it’s the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever known.

Speaking Less and Being More

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I’ve gently caught myself over the last few days wanting to wedge my words of wisdom into a conversation, but words are wasted unless the other person is ready and open to receiving them. Giving unsolicited advice is like feeding meat to a vegetarian – useless and even potentially harmful.

I’m glad I’m getting better at maintaining silence and allowing other people to find their own way and it empowers me to stay firmly grounded in the beliefs that serve me the most too.

I’M SPEAKING LESS … and being more.

Words Instruct
Demonstration Influences
Experience Teaches

~ Elizabeth Richardson (author of 500 Confessions)