Things Are Going To Change

This morning I woke up feeling off physically, mentally and emotionally, so I lay there longer in the hope that I’d feel better soon. Often just relaxing, breathing deeper and looking around to find things to be thankful for helps me bound out of bed with renewed vigour. But today, none of my regular morning rituals seemed to

How To Change My Mood

CONFESSION #146 … I CAN CHANGE MY MOOD It’s just as easy to focus on something that makes me feel good, than on something that makes me feel bad. It’s just as easy to praise others as it is to criticize them. It’s just as easy to imagine a wonderful future as it is to

I Can Change

IF I WANT TO FEEL BETTER: I Change my diet I Change my thoughts I Change who I’m spending most of my time with I Change my environment I Change what I think it all means I Change the direction I’m sleeping I Change my clothes I Change my body posture … but most importantly,

This Too Will Change

THE HARDEST THINGS CAN BE THE MOST REWARDING TO ACCEPT …… even when I felt like condemning. TO LOVE …… even when my heart was hurting. TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF …… even when others doubted my abilities. TO FIND STRENGTH …… even when all hope was lost. TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS …… even when I