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After consistent writing one night into the small hours of the morning, I was drawn to write down my life purpose, and this is what was born …

With humble thanks for all the problems that cried out for solutions, for all the questions that begged for answers and for all the profound insights that were (and still are) inspired from a greater source than one person alone could ever produce …

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These Confessions
  • are like a prayer. Their effect is invigorating.
  • bring me into the vortex. I love them so much.
  • are wonderful ....… so simple ….... really.
  • help us move ahead with a positive mind.
  • each one of them is a divine seed of wisdom.
  • give reality to my emotions and inner knowing.
  • help me be strong and to stay true to myself.
  • are simply the best advice I've ever received.


Printed copy of 500 Confessions Book 1  $19.95
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a total of 516 pages

Here’s What Other People Have To Say

Gratifying Results – Positive – Transformational

I downloaded this book from Smashwords and have read it every day; morning and evening for a month. The results have been most gratifying. I am focussing more on what feels good to me and less about what others thnk. I am working on my strengths in all areas of my life, and letting go of illusions that just don’t work. By reading it every day, the message begins to get into your system and small changes start to happen. Then one day you face one of the issues of success, changing the world and you notice you are responding in a more positive way. This little book can transform your life and your world. ~ Francis (LEADING MYSELF INTO THE LIGHT)

Instilling Hope – Faith – Optimism – Good Feelings

I have just finished studying your confessions. They are instilling hope, expectation, faith, optimism and above all an attitude of ‘Feeling Good’ in all situations of life. I’ve been reading books from Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and Shakti Gawain. Your confessions are the essence of their philosophies. They are molding us to love our self. Thanks for your confessions. You know, your confessions are going to be my affirmations. – Shaukat Charania (500 CONFESSIONS BOOK 1)

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